Resolution J1220-2013

Honoring Maryanne Lehrer, Trustee of the Oceanside, New York Board of Education upon the occasion of her retirement from the board after 36 years of service



  • Apr 17, 2013: ADOPTED
  • Apr 11, 2013: REFERRED TO FINANCE


LEGISLATIVE  RESOLUTION  honoring Maryanne Lehrer, Trustee of the Ocean-
side, New York Board of Education upon the occasion  of  her  retirement
from the board after 36 years of service

WHEREAS,  It  is  the sense of this Legislative Body to take note of and
publicly acknowledge individuals whose  exemplary  careers,  accomplish-
ments,  and  purposeful  lives  of  service to their community and their
profession have significantly enhanced the quality of education  in  the
State of New York; and
  WHEREAS,  In  recognition of its gratitude and as an expression of its
great respect and high regard, it is the intent of this Legislative Body
to pay tribute to Maryanne Lehrer, Trustee of the  Oceanside,  New  York
Board  of  Education  upon the occasion of her retirement from the board
after 36 years of distinguished and dedicated service; and
  WHEREAS, Maryanne Lehrer earned a Bachelor of Science degree in educa-
tion from the University of Michigan and a Master of Science  degree  in
Education from Brooklyn College of The City University of New York where
she  was  elected  to  Kappa  Delta Pi, an international education honor
society; and
  WHEREAS, Maryanne Lehrer formerly taught in Ann  Arbor,  Michigan  and
Boston,  Massachusetts; married to Sander Lehrer, the Lehrers have three
children who attended the Oceanside schools, and four grandchildren; and
  WHEREAS, Maryanne Lehrer has served as  a  Trustee  of  the  Oceanside
Board  of  Education  for 36 years, since 1977; she served five years as
President of the Board and two years as Vice President; she  has  worked
with  five  different Superintendents of the Oceanside schools, starting
with Dr.  William F. Tucker and Victor  A.  Leccesse  and  including  15
years  with  Herb  R. Brown, the current Superintendent of the Oceanside
schools; and
  WHEREAS, Maryanne Lehrer takes just and special pride in her  role  in
establishing the Oceanside Middle School, in maintaining a strong neigh-
borhood school concept, in putting education dollars into programs which
serve  students  at  all levels of achievement, and in supporting school
budgets which provide for effective and efficient education; and
  WHEREAS, In addition to her roles on the Board of Education,  Maryanne
Lehrer now serves or has served in many capacities promoting educational
excellence  in public schools including service as the Federal Relations
Network representative of the National School Boards Association for her
Congressional District, promoting support for education at the  national
level with an emphasis on securing adequate levels of funding for essen-
tial  programs;  membership on the Executive Board and Legislative, Dues
and Nominating Committees of the Nassau/Suffolk  School  Boards  Associ-
ation; and
  WHEREAS,  She  has also served as Membership Chair of the WLIW/Channel
21 Instructional Television Service Committee, on which  she  represents
the  school  boards  of Long Island; representative of the Nassau County
school boards to the New York State School Boards Resolution  Committee;
Legislation Chairperson of the Nassau District PTA and the Oceanside PTA
Council; and President of the Florence A. Smith PTA; and
  WHEREAS  Maryanne Lehrer has served as well as a member of the Town of
Hempstead Landfill Committee; chairperson,  panelist,  and  lecturer  at
numerous  forums,  workshops and classes dealing with educational issues
including school finance, child abuse, academic censorship, shared deci-
sion making and many others; and
  WHEREAS, Maryanne Lehrer is, in addition, a member of the Kiwanis Club
of Oceanside, Oceanside Kiwanettes, the Florence  A.  Smith  Scholarship
Committee,  Temple  Avodah,  the  Epilepsy  Foundation of Nassau County,

ACLD, the American Institute of Parliamentarians, Women's American  ORT,
B'nai  B'rith  Women  and Oceanside High School, SEPTA, and Empire State
PTAs and, she was a leader in the enactment of legislation which  banned
corporal punishment in the schools of New York State; and
  WHEREAS, Maryanne Lehrer has fittingly been honored many times for her
commitment,  dedication and service to her community and numerous worthy
causes; and
  WHEREAS, In 1986, Maryanne Lehrer was named Woman of the Year by B'nai
B'rith and Sons of Italy for her contributions to community brotherhood;
in 1987, she was honored with the Oceanside-Island  Park  Rotary  Club's
Golden Wheel Award for "a lifetime of dedication to the Oceanside Commu-
nity;"  and, in 1990, she was honored by UJA as Temple Avodah's Woman of
the Year; and
  WHEREAS, Maryanne Lehrer is a recipient of an honorary life membership
in the National Congress of PTAs, as well as the New York State PTA; she
has been honored for community service and by the UFT for being a friend
of education; she received the New York State PTA Distinguished  Service
Award and the Distinguished Service Award from the Nassau/Suffolk School
Boards Association; in 2012, she received a New York Stale School Boards
Association  award  for  Educational  Excellence  and, most recently, in
February 2013, she was awarded the New York State PTA Diamond Award; and
  WHEREAS, To each of her endeavors  Maryanne  Lehrer  has  brought  her
extensive  and  varied  experience,  her  familiarity with the Oceanside
Union Free School District,  and  her  enduring  commitment  to  quality
education  and  to the children and families of the Oceanside community;
  WHEREAS, Maryanne Lehrer has been a true leader of the Oceanside Union
Free School District; she  is  a  caring,  compassionate  and  committed
member  of the Oceanside community who has made a positive difference in
the lives of her colleagues and of thousands of youth  in  the  district
and  has justly earned the admiration, esteem and affection of students,
faculty and staff, parents, and the community alike; and
  WHEREAS, In completing her service as a Trustee of the Oceanside Board
of Education Maryanne Lehrer leaves behind more  than  mere  bricks  and
mortar; she leaves a legacy of quality education and community spirit to
the  residents  of  the  Oceanside Union Free School District, to future
generations of its students, and to her colleagues, friends, and family,
many of whom will gather at Temple Avodah in Oceanside on Wednesday, May
1, 2013 to honor her and to wish her well; and
  WHEREAS, Through her dedication and commitment to the Oceanside  Union
.SO DOC S R1220                                  RESO TEXT            2013
Free  School  District  Maryanne Lehrer has contributed significantly to
the Oceanside community, its  students,  educators,  and  administrators
and,  most  importantly, to its quality of education; now, therefore, be
  RESOLVED, That this Legislative Body pause in its deliberations to pay
tribute to Maryanne Lehrer, Trustee of the Oceanside, New York Board  of
Education  upon  the  occasion of her retirement from the board after 36
years of distinguished and dedicated service; and be it further
  RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution, suitably engrossed, be tran-
smitted to Maryanne Lehrer with the appreciation and best wishes of this
Legislative Body.


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