Resolution J1618-2013

Congratulating the State of Israel upon the occasion of the 65th Anniversary of its independence



  • May 7, 2013: ADOPTED
  • May 1, 2013: REFERRED TO FINANCE


LEGISLATIVE RESOLUTION congratulating the State of Israel upon the occa-
sion  of  the  65th  Anniversary of its independence and reaffirming the
bonds of friendship and cooperation between the State of  New  York  and

WHEREAS,  April  26, 2013, marks the 65th Anniversary of the founding of
the modern State of Israel in the ancestral home of the  Jewish  people;
  WHEREAS,  On  November  29,  1947, the United Nations General Assembly
voted to partition the British Mandate of Palestine,  and  through  that
vote, to create the State of Israel; and
  WHEREAS,  Israel  was officially declared an independent nation on May
14, 1948, in fulfillment of the eternal desire of the Jewish  people  to
return  to  the land of the historic Kingdom of Israel established 3,000
years ago and to the holy city of Jerusalem; and
  WHEREAS, A century ago at the First Zionist Congress, in Basel,  Swit-
zerland,  participants  under  the leadership of Theodore Herzl affirmed
the desire to reestablish a Jewish homeland  in  the  historic  land  of
Israel; and
  WHEREAS,  The  modern State of Israel was born out of the ashes of the
Holocaust and World War II where the death of six million Jews  did  not
eliminate  the  will  of a people to seek dignity in life and a place of
respect and recognition among the people of the civilized world; and
  WHEREAS, Israel, since its inception, when the combined forces of five
Arab nations invaded to destroy the dream of the Jewish people,  contin-
ues  to  face  the  hostility,  and  frequently through the years of its
statehood, the armed aggression, of its neighbors; and
  WHEREAS, Despite these conflicts, in the 65 years since its establish-
ment, the modern State of Israel has rebuilt a nation, forged a new  and
dynamic  society,  and  created  a unique and vital economic, political,
cultural and intellectual life despite  the  heavy  cost  of  six  wars,
terrorism, international ostracism and economic boycotts; and
  WHEREAS, In its 65 years of statehood, Israel has established a modern
parliamentary  democracy and has become the most successful democracy in
the Middle East, and has provided its citizens with the  highest  stand-
ards  of  living  and  human  equality  in a region otherwise beset with
poverty and human rights abuses; and
  WHEREAS, Israel continues to strive for peace with security and digni-
ty for itself, its neighbors  and  throughout  the  world  in  order  to
fulfill  the  prophecy of becoming a light unto the nations; now, there-
fore, be it
  RESOLVED, That this Legislative Body pause  in  its  deliberations  to
congratulate  the State of Israel upon the occasion of the 65th Anniver-
sary of its independence and reaffirming the  bonds  of  friendship  and
cooperation between the State of New York and Israel.


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