Resolution J2250-2013

Commemorating the 25th Anniversary of constructing the facilities at the Steuben County Veterans Memorial



  • Jun 11, 2013: ADOPTED
  • Jun 7, 2013: REFERRED TO FINANCE


LEGISLATIVE  RESOLUTION commemorating the 25th Anniversary of construct-
ing the facilities at the Steuben County Veterans Memorial

WHEREAS, Members of the Armed Services from the State of New  York,  who
have  served  so valiantly and honorably in wars in which this country's
freedom was at stake, as well as in the preservation of peace  in  peace
time, deserve a special salute from this Legislative Body; and
  WHEREAS,  It  is  the intent of this Legislative Body to commend those
who have served in times of active conflict, as well as those  who  have
served in times of peace; and
  WHEREAS, This Legislative Body is justly proud to commemorate the 25th
Anniversary  of constructing the facilities at the Steuben County Veter-
ans Memorial, to be celebrated on June 15, 2013, in Bath, New York; and
  WHEREAS, In addition, this fine event will also dedicate  the  POW/MIA
display  and  honor Warren A. Thompson who spearheaded the demolition of
the former building and financing of the new building; and
  WHEREAS,  The  Steuben  County  Veterans   Memorial   was   originally
constructed  as a tuberculosis hospital in 1917; the building served the
residents of Steuben County until 1938, and New York State had  built  a
new  facility at Mount Morris and moved all of the tuberculosis patients
there; and
  WHEREAS, The building sat idle until 1946 when an agreement  was  made
between  the  Steuben  County Legislators and VFW Post 1470 to lease the
building with the stipulation that the Post maintain a meeting room  for
the county veterans memorial association; and
  WHEREAS, On September 16, 1946, Admiral Chester Nimitz, with decorated
generals and officers from every branch of the service came to Bath, New
York,  for  the dedication of the Steuben County War Memorial; the event
was attended by over 3,000 people and was noted at the  time  as  Bath's
greatest day; and
  WHEREAS,  For the next generation, the war memorial served as a center
for veterans activities and housed many banquets, weddings, and  dances;
by  the  1980s,  the memorial building was deteriorating as high heating
and maintenance costs were more than Post 1470 could afford; and
  WHEREAS, Committees were formed and  Warren  Thompson  approached  the
Steuben  County  Legislature to begin the demolition; he then approached
Herb Forte, the President of Bath National Bank for a construction  loan
for the new building; this arrangement had to be agreed upon by VFW Post
1470 and the Memorial Association; and
  WHEREAS,  After  the  demolition,  construction  began for the Steuben
County Veterans Memorial and the loan was paid off in five  years;  this
took the combined efforts of the Veterans Memorial Association, VFW Post
1470 and the Ladies Auxiliary; and
  WHEREAS, Since then, there has been an addition to the building and an
enclosed pavilion constructed resulting in the outstanding facility that
is enjoyed today; and
  WHEREAS,  Having  exhibited  their patriotism both at home and abroad,
these men and women demonstrated their love for their country, and merit
forevermore the highest respect of their State and Nation; and
  WHEREAS, Our Nation's veterans deserve to be recognized, commended and
thanked by the people of the State of New York for their service and for
their dedication to their communities, their  State  and  their  Nation;
now, therefore, be it
  RESOLVED,  That  this  Legislative  Body pause in its deliberations to
commemorate the 25th Anniversary of constructing the facilities  at  the
Steuben County Veterans Memorial; and be it further

  RESOLVED, That copies of this Resolution, suitably engrossed, be tran-
smitted to Warren Thompson and VFW Post 1470.


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