Resolution J229-2013

Commemorating the 31st Anniversary of the Flushing Chinese Business Association



  • Jan 24, 2013: ADOPTED
  • Jan 18, 2013: REFERRED TO FINANCE


LEGISLATIVE  RESOLUTION commemorating the 31st Anniversary of the Flush-
ing Chinese Business Association

WHEREAS, Since its formation in  1982,  the  Flushing  Chinese  Business
Association  (FCBA)  has  helped  to  foster  harmony and cross-cultural
understanding in Queens, the  most  ethnically  diverse  county  in  the
United States; and
  WHEREAS,  Attendant to such concern, and in full accord with its long-
standing traditions, this Legislative Body is justly  proud  to  commem-
orate  the 31st Anniversary of the Flushing Chinese Business Association
(FCBA); and
  WHEREAS, For 31 years, the FCBA and its leaders have served the Flush-
ing business community with distinction and fostered an appreciation  of
Chinese culture and heritage throughout Queens; and
  WHEREAS,  Chinese Americans have made many contributions to the commu-
nity, paving the way for new Americans to become successful and adapt to
their new home, while maintaining their Chinese cultural heritage; and
  WHEREAS, On Friday, January 25, 2013, the  FCBA  will  celebrate  this
milestone  at  its Annual Fundraising Dinner, and will usher in the year
4711, the Year of the Snake; and
  WHEREAS, 2013 is the Year of the Water Snake and is an auspicious sign
as people born in the Year of the Water Snake are  lucky  with  finances
and  always  seem  to attract money; are adventurous spirits and love to
take risks; are very intelligent and  often  a  wellspring  of  creative
ideas; and
  WHEREAS,  Through  its programs and events which foster commercial and
economic development, promote Asian culture and the arts, contribute  to
the  well-being of the large Asian immigrant community through education
and business development, the FCBA has been a major force in the econom-
ic revival that has transformed downtown Flushing into one of the city's
most vibrant neighborhoods; and
  WHEREAS, Under the luminous direction of President, Liu  Tee  Shu  and
Executive  Director, Peter Tu, the Flushing Chinese Business Association
is a respected and significant part of  the  community  and  a  valuable
asset to Queens and New York City; and
  WHEREAS,  It  is the sense of this Legislative Body that when individ-
uals (associations) of such noble aims and accomplishments  are  brought
to  our  attention,  they should be celebrated and recognized by all the
citizens of this great Empire State; now, therefore, be it
  RESOLVED, That this Legislative Body pause  in  its  deliberations  to
commemorate  the 31st Anniversary of the Flushing Chinese Business Asso-
ciation; and be it further
  RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution, suitably engrossed, be tran-
smitted to Liu Tee Shu, President of the Flushing Chinese Business Asso-
ciation, and Peter Tu, Executive Director.


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