Resolution J2479-2013

Honoring Henry Holmes upon the occasion of his designation as 2013 Salutatorian of Duanesburg High School



  • Jun 18, 2013: ADOPTED
  • Jun 14, 2013: REFERRED TO FINANCE


LEGISLATIVE  RESOLUTION  honoring  Henry Holmes upon the occasion of his
designation as 2013 Salutatorian of Duanesburg High School

WHEREAS, It is the sense of this Legislative Body to act, in accord with
its long-standing traditions, to honor the  achievements  of  its  young
citizens  and  leaders  of tomorrow, whose character and accomplishments
exemplify the ideals and  values  cherished  by  this  great  State  and
nation; and
  WHEREAS,  This  Legislative Body is justly proud to honor Henry Holmes
upon the occasion of his designation as 2013 Salutatorian of  Duanesburg
High School; and
  WHEREAS,  Academically,  Henry  Holmes  has distinguished himself as a
young man of superlative ability,  talent,  and  maturity,  establishing
standards  of  excellence  and  achievement, purposefulness of life, and
responsibility rarely achieved in youthful years; and
  WHEREAS, Henry Holmes, ranked 2nd in his class,  is  a  young  man  of
integrity  and  high moral values who appreciates education, opportunity
and life; he has used his four  years  at  Duanesburg  High  School  for
exploration and growth, both inside and outside of the school community;
  WHEREAS,  With  a  grade  point  average  of  95.02,  Henry Holmes has
consistently been on the Honor Roll, was elected to the  National  Honor
Society  as a Sophomore, and has served as Co-President of his class for
the last three years; and
  WHEREAS, Henry Holmes has participated in band for all four  years  of
high  school,  and for the first three, attended All-County Band; he has
also been the President of band his junior and senior years; and
  WHEREAS, Furthermore, he was a member of the  soccer  team  for  three
years,  and  will  complete his fourth year as a member of the wrestling
and baseball teams; this year Duanesburg High School, in a joint  effort
with  Schoharie  High  School, started a football team; Henry was one of
the founding members of this team; and
  WHEREAS, Henry Holmes was captain of the football, soccer,  and  base-
ball teams, as well as a member of Leo Club, Duanesburg Central School's
service organization; and
  WHEREAS,  Active  in  his community, Henry Holmes is a member of Study
Circles, a group of students who meet to discuss cultural diversity  and
bullying, and was a mediator for the group his junior year; in addition,
he  is  a volunteer for the American Youth Soccer Organization, attended
the WAC Leadership Conference throughout middle school and high  school,
and  has  worked part-time at Schoharie Valley Farms since he was in the
8th grade; and
  WHEREAS, Henry Holmes may stand with pride in his achievements,  expe-
riencing  the  satisfaction of his labors and the joy of his accomplish-
ments, eager to face the challenge of new experiences  as  he  continues
his education; and
  WHEREAS,  Henry  Holmes  represents the potential inherent in our most
precious resource, our youth; this Legislative Body is pleased to  honor
this  young  man,  recognizing  his  achievements and the promise of his
future; now, therefore, be it
  RESOLVED, That this Legislative Body pause  in  its  deliberations  to
honor  Henry Holmes upon the occasion of his designation as 2013 Saluta-
torian of Duanesburg High School; and be it further
  RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution, suitably engrossed, be tran-
smitted to Henry Holmes.


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