Resolution J3030-2013

Commending Matthew Goldstein for 14 years of invaluable service to the State as chancellor of The City University of New York



  • May 30, 2013: ADOPTED
  • May 24, 2013: REFERRED TO FINANCE


LEGISLATIVE  RESOLUTION  commending  Matthew  Goldstein  for 14 years of
invaluable service to the State as chancellor of The City University  of
New York

WHEREAS,  New  York State is proud to be home to a world-renowned public
university system that includes The City University of New York  (CUNY),
which  provides  access  to quality higher education for New Yorkers and
for people throughout the nation; and
  WHEREAS, This Legislative Body is  justly  proud  to  commend  Matthew
Goldstein  for  his invaluable service to the State as chancellor of The
City University of New York; he will be stepping down after 14 years  of
distinguished service; and
  WHEREAS,  Matthew  Goldstein,  a mathematician/statistician and former
president of Baruch College, the CUNY Research Foundation,  and  Adelphi
University,  was  appointed  chancellor  of CUNY in 1999, the first CUNY
graduate (City College of New York, 1963) to lead the University,  which
comprises 24 colleges and professional schools throughout New York City;
under  Chancellor  Goldstein's leadership, CUNY has experienced a widely
lauded transformation; and
  WHEREAS, Chancellor Goldstein enacted a series of reforms  to  elevate
CUNY's  academic  profile  while  maintaining  its  historic  mission of
access,  including  raising  admission   standards   for   baccalaureate
colleges, implementing uniform assessment measures, establishing Univer-
sity-wide  accountability  processes, and, developing a faculty recruit-
ment initiative that, since 1999, has brought over 2,000  new  full-time
faculty members to the University; and
  WHEREAS,  Chancellor Goldstein oversaw a strengthening of partnerships
with the New York City Department of Education to enhance student prepa-
ration for, and participation in, higher education, leading  to  one  of
the  most  comprehensive programs of K-12 collaborations in the country,
including the College Now program - the nation's largest dual enrollment
program, serving over 20,000 students annually - as well as  specialized
high  schools  on  CUNY campuses, 14 early college high schools, and the
Graduate NYC initiative to increase student  readiness  and  success  in
college; and
  WHEREAS,  The  result  of a University-wide emphasis on high standards
and academic rigor has been record  enrollments  --  more  than  270,000
degree-seeking  students and 220,000 individuals in adult and continuing
education -- a highly diverse student body, increased graduation  rates,
growing  numbers  of  high-achieving  students, and the proliferation of
CUNY students winning nationally competitive awards,  including  Rhodes,
Truman,  Marshall, and Goldwater scholarships and National Science Foun-
dation graduate fellowships; and
  WHEREAS, Chancellor Goldstein's vision also included the  creation  of
new  schools  and  colleges  within CUNY, including the highly acclaimed
William E. Macaulay Honors College,  the  CUNY  School  of  Professional
Studies,  the  CUNY  Graduate  School  of Journalism, the CUNY School of
Public Health, and, most recently, the New Community  College  at  CUNY,
adding an innovative new model to the system's six established community
colleges; and
  WHEREAS,  Chancellor  Goldstein  has also emphasized the importance of
research and study in the STEM disciplines (science,  technology,  engi-
neering,  and  mathematics)  through the launch of the Decade of Science
initiative, begun in 2005 and focused on increasing student  proficiency
in  the  STEM  fields, enhancing research capacity, intensifying faculty
recruiting, and building and upgrading science facilities, including the
new CUNY Advanced Science Research Center; and

  WHEREAS, Chancellor Goldstein  developed  the  "compact"  approach  to
funding,  a partnership between government and the University focused on
meeting the University's operational needs, investing in academic prior-
ities, enabling students to plan  for  tuition  costs,  and  maintaining
financial  aid,  and a model affirmed by Governor Cuomo and the New York
State Legislature in their historic approval of a five-year tuition plan
for CUNY and SUNY in 2011; and
  WHEREAS, Chancellor Goldstein launched  CUNY's  first  University-wide
fund-raising campaign in 2004, partnering with thousands of CUNY alumni,
as  well  as  foundations  and  corporations,  to support the University
through student scholarships, endowed chairs  and  faculty  fellowships,
academic  programs, and capital projects, meeting the campaign's goal of
raising $1.2 billion in record time, and initiating a second phase,  now
on track to reach $3 billion by 2015; and
  WHEREAS,  At  Chancellor  Goldstein's  direction,  the  University has
created a common curricular structure through the  "Pathways  to  Degree
Completion" initiative, in order to streamline student transfer, enhance
the   quality  of  general  education,  establish  system-wide  learning
outcomes,  and  ensure  that  students  do  not  exhaust  financial  aid
resources  and  increase time to degree because of inconsistent transfer
and general education policies; and
  WHEREAS, Chancellor Goldstein is nationally recognized for his  educa-
tional  work,  serving  on the U.S. Teaching Commission and the New York
State Commission on Higher Education and leading two national summits on
public higher education; he has also  been  a  dedicated  civic  leader,
chairing  the 2010 New York City Charter Revision Commission by appoint-
ment and serving as chair of the New York City Regional Economic  Devel-
opment  Council  and  a  member  of the latest New York Education Reform
Commission, both also by appointment; and
  WHEREAS, In completing his service, Matthew  Goldstein  leaves  behind
more than mere bricks and mortar; he leaves behind a legacy to the resi-
dents  of The City University of New York community and to future gener-
ations of its students; now, therefore, be it
  RESOLVED, That this Legislative Body pause  in  its  deliberations  to
commend  Matthew  Goldstein  for  14  years of invaluable service to the
State as chancellor of The City  University  of  New  York;  and  be  it
  RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution, suitably engrossed, be tran-
smitted to Matthew Goldstein.


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