Resolution J3153-2013

Honoring John Tuminaro, Principal of Tottenville High School on his retirement



  • Jun 4, 2013: ADOPTED
  • May 31, 2013: REFERRED TO FINANCE


LEGISLATIVE  RESOLUTION honoring John Tuminaro, Principal of Tottenville
High School, upon the occasion  of  his  retirement  after  nearly  four
decades of distinguished service as an educator

WHEREAS,  New  York State's commitment to education is unparalleled; its
history and stature are secured by the superlative caliber of its educa-
tional professionals and the students they inspire; and
  WHEREAS, It is the practice of this Legislative Body to take  note  of
and publicly acknowledge individuals of remarkable integrity and charac-
ter whose endeavors have enhanced the quality of education in this great
State; and
  WHEREAS,  Attendant to such concern, and in full accord with its long-
standing traditions, this Legislative Body is justly proud to honor John
Tuminaro, Principal of Staten Island's Tottenville High School, upon the
occasion of his retirement after nearly 40 years as an educator; and
  WHEREAS, John Tuminaro has spent nearly four decades  as  an  educator
with  the  New York City Public Schools, the last 14 as the Principal of
Tottenville High School; he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in  History
from  Wagner  College, a Master of Science degree in Secondary Education
from Richmond College and graduate degrees in School Administration  and
Supervision from The City University of New York; and
  WHEREAS,  John  began his career as a teacher of social studies, first
at Susan Wagner High School and then  at  Tottenville  High  School;  he
spent several years at Madison High School in Brooklyn, as both a teach-
er  and  as Dean of Students, and where he also established a center for
environmental studies in collaboration with Brooklyn College and the New
York City Council on the Environment; and
  WHEREAS, He served as the Assistant Principal for  Administration  for
12  years  at the High School of Telecommunication, Arts, and Technology
in Brooklyn before returning to Tottenville High School,  where  he  was
appointed Principal in 1999; and
  WHEREAS,  At  Tottenville, he has worked tirelessly with his Assistant
Principals, faculty and staff to ensure an inclusive  educational  envi-
ronment for all students; and
  WHEREAS, Over the past several years, Tottenville High School has been
cited  by the Anti Defamation League (ADL) as a Gold Star School for its
work in the No Place For Hate initiative, by the New York  City  Depart-
ment of Education as the winner of the Service In The Schools Award and,
Tottenville has been consistently recognized over the past several years
as one of the best high schools in New York City; and
  WHEREAS,  In addition to the school's many exemplary academic, athlet-
ic, and service programs, John Tuminaro is perhaps  most  proud  of  the
inclusive  atmosphere  which  exists  at  Tottenville High School, which
includes programs for English Language Learners, students  with  special
needs, multiple inclusion programs, and a recognized ASD Program; and
  WHEREAS,  Over the last several years, Tottenville High School and its
students have, in addition, been privileged  to  partner  with  Families
Helping  Families  in providing support for its many important programs;
  WHEREAS, The result of many individual  efforts,  the  excellence  and
success  of Tottenville High School are due in large part to the efforts
of retiring Principal John Tuminaro; and
  WHEREAS, John Tuminaro has demonstrated an impressive  dedication,  an
unparalleled  devotion  and an unremitting enthusiasm for the quality of
the educational programs and opportunities offered by  Tottenville  High
School  for  the benefit of its faculty and students, as well as for the
entire Staten Island community; and

  WHEREAS, In completing his service to Tottenville  High  School,  John
Tuminaro  leaves  behind more than bricks and mortar, he leaves behind a
legacy to the residents of the Tottenville High School  and  the  Staten
Island community and to future generations of its students; and
  WHEREAS, As members of the Staten Island community and his colleagues,
family and friends honor John Tuminaro, it is the sense of this Legisla-
tive  Body  to recognize milestones in the careers of outstanding educa-
tors such as John Tuminaro, whose dedication and achievements have  been
instrumental  in  developing  character  and  academic excellence in the
young people of Staten Island and New York State; now, therefore, be it
  RESOLVED, That this Legislative Body pause  in  its  deliberations  to
honor  John  Tuminaro,  Principal  of  Tottenville High School, upon the
occasion of his retirement, to commend him for his significant  contrib-
utions  to  education  in  New  York  State, and to wish him well in his
retirement; and be it further
  RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution, suitably engrossed, be tran-
smitted to John Tuminaro upon the occasion of his retirement after  many
years of distinguished service as an educator.


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