Resolution J438-2013

Paying tribute to the life and valiant service of Captain Matthew Porcari, who died in the line of duty on January 21, 2013



  • Feb 12, 2013: ADOPTED
  • Feb 7, 2013: REFERRED TO FINANCE


LEGISLATIVE RESOLUTION paying tribute to the life and valiant service of
Captain  Matthew  Porcari,  who  died in the line of duty on January 21,

WHEREAS, It is the custom of this Legislative Body  to  pay  tribute  to
citizens  of  the  State  of  New York whose lifework and civic endeavor
served to enhance the quality of life in their communities and the great
State of New York; and
  WHEREAS, Citizens across our State and  Nation  are  inspired  by  and
indebted to our noble firefighters who exhibit courage and bravery every
day  in  the course of their duties; 34-year-old Matthew Porcari was one
such firefighter, who died doing what he loved; and
  WHEREAS, Matthew Porcari, Captain of Owego  Fire  Department's  Croton
Hose  Company No. 3, lost his life while serving the community he loved,
on Monday, January 21, 2013; and
  WHEREAS, A graduate of Owego  Free  Academy,  Matthew  Porcari  played
first  base  for  the  first team in the school's history to win the New
York State Baseball Championship; and
  WHEREAS, Following in the  footsteps  of  his  father,  John  Porcari,
Matthew Porcari joined the Owego Fire Department at the age of 16; and
  WHEREAS, A natural born leader, Matthew Porcari was employed by Broome
Developmental Center; Matt was an active member of New Life West Church;
  WHEREAS,  Matthew  Porcari  also brought great skill and dedication to
his craft as a mason, as evidenced through his meticulous  work  several
years ago when building a new section of an area middle school; and
  WHEREAS,  Described  by  all  who  knew him as a selfless man, Matthew
Porcari was someone who would enter a crowd of strangers and leave  with
lifelong friends; and
  WHEREAS,  A  husband,  father  and  son, Matthew Porcari was a man who
inspired many and moved others to service in the fire department; and
  WHEREAS, Predeceased by his father, John  Porcari;  paternal  grandfa-
ther,  Peter  Porcari;  maternal grandparents, Lester and Jeanne Dunham;
uncle, William Eschler, Matthew Porcari is survived by his wife, Christ-
ina Porcari; children,  Tierney  Walter,  John  Porcari,  Alora  Landis,
Nicole  Landis,  Jennifer  Henneforth;  mother,  Cheryl Porcari and Andy
Hunt; sister and brother-in-law, Tammy and J.T.  Bouchard;  grandmother,
Beverly  Porcari;  aunts  and  uncles, Ronald and Missie Dunham; Lee and
Karen Dunham, Kathy Dunham, Patty Dunham Woodward; Sue Eschler and Steve
Baker;  mother-in-law,  Linda  Clayton;  several  cousins  and  numerous
friends; and
  WHEREAS,  Matthew  Porcari's  Owego Fire Department family will always
remember this outstanding man for the hard work and dedication he showed
the fire company as well as the community, but most importantly, for his
quality of character; and
  WHEREAS, During his life, Firefighter  Matthew  Porcari  touched  many
through his kindness and commitment to service; as we recall the loss of
this  great  man,  we  memorialize  his remarkable life and the enormous
impact he had on everyone with whom he came in contact; and
  WHEREAS, It is the sense of this Legislative Body to convey its grate-
ful appreciation and heartfelt regret in  recognition  of  the  loss  of
Captain Matthew Porcari, who dedicated his purposeful life and career in
faithful service to his family and community; now, therefore, be it
  RESOLVED, That this Legislative Body pause in its deliberations to pay
tribute  to the life and valiant service of Captain Matthew Porcari, who
died in the line of duty on January 21, 2013, and to express its deepest
condolences to his family; and be it further

  RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution, suitably engrossed, be tran-
smitted to the family of Captain Matthew Porcari.


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