Resolution J4817-2013

Congratulating Josephine McWilliams upon the occasion of celebrating her 100th Birthday



  • May 6, 2014: ADOPTED
  • May 2, 2014: REFERRED TO FINANCE


LEGISLATIVE  RESOLUTION  congratulating  Josephine  McWilliams  upon the
occasion of celebrating her 100th Birthday

WHEREAS, Senior citizens bring a wealth of experience and  knowledge  to
the  increasingly  active roles they play in today's society; their past
contributions and future participation are a vital part of, and valuable
asset to, the fabric of community life and activity; and
  WHEREAS, This Legislative Body is justly proud to  congratulate  Jose-
phine  McWilliams upon the occasion of her 100th Birthday, celebrated at
a party held in her honor at the Hillcrest Spring  Residential  assisted
living facility on Tuesday, April 22, 2014; and
  WHEREAS, Josephine McWilliams was born on April 22, 1914, the daughter
of Italian immigrants; and
  WHEREAS,  Growing  up  on  her family's farm in Schenectady, New York,
Josephine McWilliams learned the value of  hard  work,  performing  such
chores  as  feeding  chickens  and collecting eggs after walking several
miles to school and back on a daily basis; and
  WHEREAS, At an early age, this esteemed woman began work as a  cashier
at a dry cleaners; she later worked at a department store, before start-
ing  her  career  at General Electric; in addition, she taught religious
education at St. Anthony's Church; and
  WHEREAS, While working at General Electric, Josephine  was  introduced
to  her  future  husband James McWilliams; the two were married in 1955,
and started a family at their home in Amsterdam, New York; and
  WHEREAS, When not busy with her career, Josephine McWilliams was dedi-
cated to the care of others throughout her long life; she often  visited
the  homes  of  elderly  people,  helping with household tasks and doing
their grocery shopping; and
  WHEREAS, This compassionate woman was a constant presence whenever any
of her family or friends fell ill, helping out with cooking and cleaning
even into her eighties; and
  WHEREAS, Today, Josephine McWilliams still tries  to  lend  a  helping
hand  at Hillcrest Spring Residential where she has resided for the past
three years; she has cooked meals in the facility's  kitchen,  and  also
helped church members bring back Palm Sunday palms to those patients who
could not attend services; and
  WHEREAS,  This  exceptional  centenarian,  with her zest for life, has
inspired and enhanced the lives of all of those around her; and
  WHEREAS, It is the intent of this Legislative Body to publicly  recog-
nize those who have reached such a remarkable age and who have witnessed
and  celebrated  the  innovations,  cultural  developments  and  awesome
achievements of this country during the last century,  while  themselves
contributing  to  the  growth and excellence of this great Empire State;
now, therefore, be it
  RESOLVED, That this Legislative Body pause  in  its  deliberations  to
congratulate  Josephine  McWilliams upon the occasion of celebrating her
100th Birthday; and be it further
  RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution, suitably engrossed, be tran-
smitted to Josephine McWilliams.


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