Resolution J5539-2013

Paying tribute to the distinguished life and accomplishments of Catherine Abate, former New York State Senator



  • Jun 3, 2014: ADOPTED
  • May 29, 2014: REFERRED TO FINANCE


LEGISLATIVE  RESOLUTION  paying  tribute  to  the distinguished life and
accomplishments of Catherine Abate, former New York State Senator

WHEREAS, This Legislative Body is moved to recognize and pay tribute  to
the  life and accomplishments of former New York State Senator Catherine
Abate, an individual of distinguished purpose and enduring commitment, a
woman who dedicated her life and career to public service; and
  WHEREAS, It is with great sorrow and deep regret that this Legislative
Body records the passing of Catherine Abate on May 17, 2014, noting  the
significance of her meritorious life and accomplishments; and
  WHEREAS,  During  her  diverse and far-reaching public service career,
Catherine Abate served at nearly  every  level  of  New  York  politics,
including grassroots organizing, advocacy and City and State government;
  WHEREAS,  After  receiving  her  law degree from Boston University Law
School in 1972, Catherine Abate began  her  professional  career  as  an
attorney  at the Legal Aid Society in New York City, eventually becoming
Director of Training in its Criminal Defense Division; and
  WHEREAS, In 1986, Governor Mario Cuomo appointed  Catherine  Abate  to
the  position  of  Executive  Deputy  Commissioner of the New York State
Division of Human Rights; she was appointed Chair of the New York  State
Crime Victims Board in 1988; and
  WHEREAS,  Catherine  Abate  was appointed by New York City Mayor David
Dinkins to serve as Commissioner of the  New  York  City  Department  of
Correction  in  1990; in 1992, she was appointed Commissioner of the New
York City Department of Probation; and
  WHEREAS, In 1993, Catherine Abate was elected to the  New  York  State
Senate, representing the 27th District which covered parts of Manhattan;
she  served  with distinction for two terms and was the ranking Democrat
on the Crime Victims, Crime and Correction Committee,  as  well  as  the
Investigations and Government Operations Committee; and
  WHEREAS,  Although  Catherine  Abate left the New York State Senate at
the end of 1998, she did not leave public service; in  1999  she  became
President  and  CEO  of  Community  Healthcare  Network,  where she made
significant and lasting contributions in the area of public health; and
  WHEREAS, During her tenure at Community Healthcare Network,  Catherine
Abate significantly expanded healthcare and social services programs for
the  underserved  and  developed  innovative  strategies  for vulnerable
segments of the LGBT population, including transgender people and  those
living with HIV/AIDS; and
  WHEREAS,  Catherine  Abate  was  a  recognized expert on human rights,
criminal justice, health  care  and  management/leadership,  who  freely
shared her knowledge and served on numerous government, professional and
non-profit boards; and
  WHEREAS,  Catherine  Abate's  commitment to public service extended to
her friendship and mentoring of numerous government, nonprofit and labor
sector leaders who served with her and after her; and
  WHEREAS, Catherine Abate, throughout her career and life,  served  her
community  and the people of the State of New York with intelligence and
caring dedication, contributing significantly to the quality of life  of
her  constituents  and  the  communities  of the State of New York; now,
therefore, be it
  RESOLVED, That this Legislative Body pause  in  its  deliberations  to
honor the memory of Catherine Abate; and be it further
  RESOLVED, That copies of this Resolution, suitably engrossed, be tran-
smitted to her husband Ronald Kliegerman, and son, Kyle Kliegerman.


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