Resolution J5727-2013

Commemorating the 189th Anniversary of the Independence of Bolivia



  • Jun 10, 2014: ADOPTED
  • Jun 5, 2014: REFERRED TO FINANCE


LEGISLATIVE  RESOLUTION commemorating the 189th Anniversary of the Inde-
pendence of Bolivia on August 6, 2014

WHEREAS, The Bolivian region in the Andes has likely been inhabited  for
nearly  20,000  years;  it was home to the Tiwanakan culture, the Moxos,
Mollos, and later the Incas until the Spanish conquest in 1525; and
  WHEREAS, What is today Bolivia was long deemed a part of  the  Spanish
Viceroyalty of Peru, known as Alto Peru; and
  WHEREAS, There was a long conflict in authority between Upper Peru and
Peru, and the colonies with the Spanish crown; this conflict of authori-
ty  resulted  in  a  local power struggle in Upper Peru between 1808 and
1810, which constituted the first steps taken toward autonomy; and
  WHEREAS, In 1808, the President of the Audiencia, Ramon Garcia Leon de
Pizarro, leaned towards affiliation with Carlotta, but  the  oidores  of
the  Audiencia  favored  the Supreme Central Junta; on May 25, 1809, the
oidores deposed President Garcia Leon de Pizarro and established a junta
to govern in the name of Ferdinand VII; and
  WHEREAS, During the following  seven  years,  Upper  Peru  became  the
battleground  for  forces of the United Provinces of the River Plate and
royalist troops from Peru; although the royalists repulsed three  Argen-
tine  invasions,  guerrillas  controlled parts of the countryside, where
they formed six major republiquetas; and
  WHEREAS, By 1817, Upper  Peru  was  relatively  quiet  and  under  the
control of the Viceroyalty of Peru; and
  WHEREAS, By the early 1820s, General Simon Bolivar succeeded in liber-
ating  both  Venezuela and Colombia from Spanish domination; in 1822, he
dispatched Antonio Jose de Sucre to Ecuador to defeat the  Royalists  at
the battle of Pichincha; and
  WHEREAS,  After  years of guerrilla action against the Spanish and the
victories of Bolivar and Sucre in the battles  of  Junin  and  Ayacucho,
Peru won its independence; and
  WHEREAS,  At  this  point, Sucre incited a declaration of independence
for Alto Peru, and exactly one year later, on August 6,  1825,  the  new
Republic of Bolivia was founded by a constitutional congress in honor of
Simon Bolivar; and
  WHEREAS, Bolivar and Sucre served as Bolivia's first and second presi-
dents; and
  WHEREAS, Many Bolivians have made New York their home, and this Legis-
lative  Body  is  justly  proud  to  thank the Bolivian people for their
contributions to this great Empire State; now, therefore, be it
  RESOLVED, That this Legislative Body pause  in  its  deliberations  to
commemorate  the  189th  Anniversary  of  the Independence of Bolivia on
August 6, 2014.


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