Resolution J903-2013

Honoring Nat Yalowitz for his 26 years of dedicated and distinguished service as President of the Penn South Program for Seniors



  • Mar 19, 2013: ADOPTED
  • Mar 15, 2013: REFERRED TO FINANCE


LEGISLATIVE  RESOLUTION  honoring Nat Yalowitz for his 26 years of dedi-
cated and distinguished service as President of the Penn  South  Program
for Seniors

WHEREAS,  It  is the sense of this Legislative Body that individuals who
distinguish themselves in their  profession  and  in  service  to  their
community merit the highest commendation; and
  WHEREAS,  Penn  South  is  a unique coop community in the heart of the
vibrant Chelsea section of Manhattan; its Penn South Program for Seniors
(PSPS) is one of the most inclusive self-help programs in New York City;
  WHEREAS, The Penn South Program for Seniors, founded by Nat  Yalowitz,
has  a  full  complement of services open to all seniors, including Penn
South's Chelsea neighbors; and
  WHEREAS, Longtime Penn South resident Nat Yalowitz has lived  in  Penn
South since it opened in 1962; and
  WHEREAS,  Nat Yalowitz has had a lifelong commitment to social, racial
and economic justice, and has always been guided by his empathy for  the
underrepresented and underserved; and
  WHEREAS, He was a social work executive and professional for more than
45 years, specializing in the fields of mental health and medical social
services; and
  WHEREAS,  In  1986, Nat Yalowitz co-founded Penn South Social Services
(PSSS), the nation's  first  Naturally  Occurring  Retirement  Community
(NORC) supportive services program; and
  WHEREAS, Shortly thereafter, Nat Yalowitz, in addition, co-founded the
Penn  South  Program  for  Seniors  (PSPS),  which helps senior citizens
remain in their own homes for as long as they wish, providing  extensive
on-site  medical and social services as well as cultural, volunteer, and
recreational programs; and
  WHEREAS, Nat Yalowitz has served as President of PSSS and PSPS for  26
years,  ensuring  that  essential programs and services were established
and sustained to serve cooperators of all ages; and
  WHEREAS, Nat Yalowitz, who has been  called  "The  Father  of  NORCs,"
eventually  became President and CEO of NORC Supportive Services Inc., a
non-profit cooperative which assists other communities in addressing the
special needs and problems of their senior residents so they can contin-
ue living well in their own homes; and
  WHEREAS, More recently, Nat Yalowitz founded Penn South-Home Organized
Personal  Services  (PS-HOPS),  which  provides  members  products   and
services at discounted prices and monitors the providers for quality and
value; and
  WHEREAS, As a result of Nat Yalowitz's efforts, countless senior citi-
zens  in  Penn  South and across New York State and the nation have been
able to age in place with dignity, autonomy, and a high quality of life;
  WHEREAS, Nat Yalowitz, after 26 years of dedicated  and  distinguished
service, has stepped down as the President of the Penn South Program for
Seniors  and was fittingly honored at a reception on March 7, 2013; now,
therefore, be it
  RESOLVED, That this Legislative Body pause  in  its  deliberations  to
honor Nat Yalowitz for his decades of service to the Penn South communi-
ty and to senior citizens everywhere; and be it further
  RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution, suitably engrossed, be tran-
smitted to Nat Yalowitz.


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