Resolution K333-2013

Congratulating the Troy High School Boys Basketball Team upon the occasion of capturing the Section II Class AA Championship



  • Apr 23, 2013: adopted


LEGISLATIVE  RESOLUTION congratulating the Troy High School Boys Basket-
ball Team and Coach Rich Hurley  upon  the  occasion  of  capturing  the
Section II Class AA Championship

WHEREAS,  Excellence  and  success in competitive sports can be achieved
only through strenuous practice, team play and team spirit, nurtured  by
dedicated coaching and strategic planning; and
  WHEREAS, Athletic competition enhances the moral and physical develop-
ment of the young people of this State, preparing them for the future by
instilling  in  them  the  value  of teamwork, encouraging a standard of
healthy living, imparting a desire for success and developing a sense of
fair play and competition; and
  WHEREAS, The Troy Boys Basketball Team are the  Section  II  Class  AA
Champions; and
  WHEREAS,  On  Monday,  March  4, 2013, the Troy Flying Horses defeated
Green Tech 70-55, winning its first sectional title in eleven years; and
  WHEREAS, The athletic talent displayed by this team is  due  in  great
part  to  the efforts of Coach Rich Hurley and Assistant Coaches Patrick
Haggerty, Leo  O'Keefe,  and  Bill  Behrle,  skilled  and  inspirational
tutors,  respected  for  their  ability to develop potential into excel-
lence; and
  WHEREAS, The team's overall record of 20-4  is  outstanding,  and  the
team  members  were  loyally  and  enthusiastically supported by family,
fans, friends and the community at large; and
  WHEREAS, The hallmarks of the Troy  Boys  Basketball  Team,  from  the
opening  game of the season to participation in the championship, were a
brotherhood of athletic ability, of good sportsmanship, of honor and  of
scholarship,  demonstrating  that these team players are second to none;
  WHEREAS, Athletically and academically, the team members  have  proven
themselves to be an unbeatable combination of talents, reflecting favor-
ably on their school; and
  WHEREAS,  Coach Rich Hurley and his dedicated staff have done a superb
job in guiding, molding and inspiring  the  team  members  toward  their
goals; and
  WHEREAS, Sports competition instills the values of teamwork, pride and
accomplishment,  and  Coach  Rich  Hurley and these outstanding athletes
have clearly made a contribution to the spirit of excellence which is  a
tradition of their school; now, therefore, be it
  RESOLVED,  That  this  Legislative  Body pause in its deliberations to
congratulate the Troy Boys Basketball Team; its members: Jordan  Nelson,
Zach  Radz,  Javion  Ogunyemi,  Dyaire  Holt, Joseph Germinerio, Justice
Walston, Imre Megyeri, Jerrell Reid, Liam Testo, and  Connor  Nicol  and
coaches  Rich  Hurley,  Patrick Haggerty, Leo O'Keefe and Bill Behrle on
their outstanding season and overall team record; and be it further
  RESOLVED, That copies of this Resolution, suitably engrossed, be tran-
smitted to the Troy Boys  Basketball  Team  and  to  the  aforementioned


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