Resolution K832-2011

Honoring Joseph Riposo for a lifetime of achievements as a brilliant musician and motivational educator in the field of music



  • Jan 19, 2012: adopted


LEGISLATIVE RESOLUTION honoring Joseph Riposo for a lifetime of achieve-
ments  as a brilliant musician and motivational educator in the field of

WHEREAS, It is the sense of this Legislative Body to honor and recognize
those talented individuals, who have had a  significant  impact  on  the
arts  and  culture of our communities by providing the public with bril-
liant entertainment and students with  outstanding  instruction  in  the
field of music; one such individual is Joseph Riposo; and
  WHEREAS,  Attendant to such concern, and in full accord with its long-
standing traditions, this Legislative Body  is  justly  proud  to  honor
Joseph Riposo for a lifetime of achievements as a brilliant musician and
motivational educator in the field of music; and
  WHEREAS, Joseph "Joe" Riposo, who played the clarinet while growing up
as  a  child  in  Syracuse,  New  York,  began studying the saxophone in
college at Syracuse University; and
  WHEREAS, After graduating with a music degree from Syracuse University
in 1957, Joseph Riposo moved downstate to the US Army's Fort Dix,  where
he became Chief Instructor in the School of Music; and
  WHEREAS,  Joseph  Riposo also toured the globe with the Woodland Quar-
tet, before returning to Syracuse in 1960, to start a successful  career
in music education; and
  WHEREAS,  For  31  years,  Joseph Riposo taught music at the Liverpool
Central School District, mentoring and inspiring countless  students  in
the  field  of  music,  and  eventually  assuming the leadership role of
Director of Music Education for the school district; and
  WHEREAS, With Joseph Riposo's guidance, the Liverpool  Central  School
District's music education program expanded and gained national recogni-
tion; and
  WHEREAS,  Joseph  Riposo  also  served as Jazz Coordinator for the New
York State School  of  Music  Association,  receiving  the  presidential
medallion for his contributions to the Association; and
  WHEREAS,  Joseph Riposo was the first to serve in the position of Jazz
Director for the CRC's jazz program, creating  two  programs  for  local
youth; and
  WHEREAS,  In  1991,  Joseph  Riposo  retired from the Liverpool School
District, but soon became the  Director  of  Jazz  Studies  at  Syracuse
University,  where  he continues to provide students with a proven envi-
ronment for successful learning; and
  WHEREAS, In order to expand his  teaching  audience,  Joe  Riposo  has
documented  his expertise in more than 50 public books and compositions;
  WHEREAS, As a master of many woodwind instruments, and as  a  composer
and  conductor,  Joseph  Riposo  has  performed  with  numerous bands at
hundreds of venues throughout Central New York, New York State  and  the
United States; and
  WHEREAS,  Joseph  Riposo  has  even performed with nationally-renowned
artists, such as Tony Bennett, Sammy Davis, Jr. and Natalie  King  Cole;
  WHEREAS, Joseph Riposo's legendary career has been defined by, but not
limited  to,  various  awards  and  achievements, including the Syracuse
Symphony Orchestra Musicians Award for Outstanding Music  Educator,  the
American  Society  of  Composers, Authors and Publishers Award, the 2008
Jazz Educator of the Year Award,  and  the  Outstanding  Jazz  Educators
Award  from  the  National  Band Association for effective leadership in
instrumental music education by developing successful jazz  and  concert
bands in schools; and

  WHEREAS,  In  1997, Joseph Riposo was inducted into the (Sammys) Syra-
cuse Area Music Awards Hall of Fame, and in 2003, he was  inducted  into
the  Fine  Arts  Hall  of  Fame;  most  recently, he was honored for his
induction into the 2011 Sammys Music Educator Hall of Fame; and
  WHEREAS,  It is the custom of this Legislative Body that when talented
individuals of such noble aims and accomplishments are  brought  to  our
attention,  they should be celebrated and recognized by all the citizens
of this great Empire State; now, therefore, be it
  RESOLVED, That this Legislative Body pause  in  its  deliberations  to
hereby  honor  and  recognize Joseph Riposo for his lifetime of achieve-
ments as a brilliant musician and motivational educator in the field  of
music; and be it further
  RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution, suitably engrossed, be tran-
smitted to Joseph Riposo.


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