Resolution R633-2013

Establishes the Senate Select Committee on Science, Technology, Incubation and Entrepreneurship



  • Feb 27, 2013: ADOPTED


SENATE  RESOLUTION establishing a Select Committee on Science, Technolo-
gy, Incubation and Entrepreneurship

WHEREAS, It is widely recognized that the path  to  prosperity  and  the
economic recovery of New York State lies in job creation and in broaden-
ing economic choices and career opportunities for all citizens, and that
achieving  these  goals  can  be  accelerated  by the enhancement of the
state's innovation and entrepreneurial spirit via the growth and  devel-
opment  of  business  incubator  programs  and other entrepreneurial and
economic and business development programs; and
  WHEREAS, The concept of business incubation and  business  development
programs  originated  in New York in 1959 when Joseph Mancuso opened the
Batavia Industrial Center in a Batavia factory  building,  a  successful
concept  that  has since spread from New York throughout the country and
the world, to the extent that there are now an estimated  1,400  incuba-
tors in North America, and 7,000 in the world; and
  WHEREAS,  Building  upon  this high-level profile and demonstration of
expertise, an incubator from Syracuse, New York, was named 2012  Incuba-
tor of the Year by the 1,900 international members of the National Busi-
ness Incubator Association; and
  WHEREAS,  The  goals  and  purposes of the State's approximately forty
business incubation programs remain what they were from  that  start  in
Batavia  - to develop successful and financially stable firms capable of
economic expansion and job creation by providing a  comprehensive  array
of  entrepreneurial  and  business  supports,  resources,  and  services
tailored to the needs of individual business entities being incubated in
an environment of entrepreneurial innovation and  thereby  to  stimulate
the  entrepreneurial  energies  of  the  communities  in  which they are
located, and demonstrate them to  be  attractive  places  to  start  and
invest in new businesses; and
  WHEREAS,  Research  has  shown  that  successful  business  incubation
programs can often rise above current conditions of a regional  economy,
but  such success can be stymied by various endemic barriers that stifle
the ability of an incubator to fulfill its mission and  achieve  maximum
job creation and economic impact; and
  WHEREAS,  The  path to develop a small business and innovation economy
in New York is aided by many means and strategies including  strengthen-
ing of current incubator operations and development of new ones, expand-
ing  incentives  and developing a full array of integrated entrepreneur-
ship programs including enhancing scientific and  technology  innovation
via  incubators  and  other  free-standing  entrepreneurial  development
programs; and
  WHEREAS, The Senate also seeks to expand  access  and  opportunity  to
entrepreneurial  programs  for all groups including many marginalized by
current programs such as veterans, disabled individuals, individuals who
are minorities and women, using collaborations with several state  agen-
cies and non-state sponsors; and
  WHEREAS,  The  Senate  looks to increase collaboration by and with the
State's academic institutions, private foundations, and  municipalities,
provide  greater access to capital markets, and fully utilize the exper-
tise of state and national incubator organizations including  the  Busi-
ness  Incubator Association of New York (BIANYS), and the National Busi-
ness Incubator Association (NBIA); and
  WHEREAS, The Senate urges the development and dissemination  of  "best
practices"  regimes  for  use  by  incubators and other entrepreneurship
programs and their  member  companies,  and  other  entrepreneurial  and
economic development programs; and

  WHEREAS,  It  is  recognized  that an open forum is needed to properly
ascertain the current and future needs of  our  state's  incubation  and
entrepreneurship programs and help these programs develop to their maxi-
mum potential; now, therefore, be it
  RESOLVED,  That  a Select Committee on Science, Technology, Incubation
and Entrepreneurship is hereby established, to conduct meetings, confer-
ences, examinations, and public hearings, to gather information and make
legislative proposals, reports,  and  recommendations,  and  to  provide
outreach  to  and interaction with private and public organizations that
provide incubation, innovation, and entrepreneurship  programs,  and  to
make  recommendations  on  efforts to strengthen entrepreneurial and job
creation including related legislative proposals and resolutions  before
the  State  Legislature  in  such areas; all with the aim of growing the
spirit of enterprise and innovation in New York; and be it further
  RESOLVED, The Select Committee shall consist of eleven Senators, to be
appointed by the Majority  Coalition  leaders,  pursuant  to  membership
composition as set forth under Senate Rule VIII; and be it further
  RESOLVED,  The chairperson of such committee shall be appointed by the
Majority Coalition leaders; and be it further
  RESOLVED, That such committee shall have the same authority as commit-
tees constituted under Article 4 of the Legislative Law and Senate  Rule


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