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BILL S1682-2013: Provides for medical use of marihuana
Legalizes the possession, manufacture, sale, administration, delivery, dispensing and distribution of marijuana in connection with medical use thereof for certified patients; prescribes procedures for such possession, manufacture, sale, etc. including certification of patients by their practitioner, for a specified period, not to exceed one year (to the effect that the patient has a serious condition, and that the patient is under the practitioner's care for such condition, and that, in the practitioner's medical judgment, the condition can and should be treated with the medical use of marijuana); permits registered organizations to sell, administer, deliver, etc. marijuana to certified patients or the caregiver of a certified patient for certified medical use; permits caregivers of a certified patient to sell, administer, deliver, etc. marijuana to a certified patient for medical use, and also permits any federal, state or local law enforcement agency to sell, deliver, distribute, etc. marijuana to a registered organization; provides that possession or manufacture of marijuana shall not be lawful under these provisions if it is consumed or displayed in a public place or if the aggregate weight of the preparation, compound, etc. exceeds 8 ounces, excluding the weight of any food; directs the department of health to monitor such use and promulgate rules and regulations; provides for reports by practitioners and evaluation and reporting by the department.

Committee: HEALTH