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Open Newsclips is a beta service available on a trial basis; please send your feedback to ciodesk@senate.state.ny.us to help us improve the service.
Welcome to the new NY Senate Open Newsclip service, developed by the CIO's office and powered by our partner, DayLife. This service allows you to search and browse online news from the last 24 hours utilizing both local, New York-area news, as well as sources from around the globe.

- Senator Names: these stories are updated every 3 hours with the latest articles matching members of the Senate and prominent State offices, as well.

- Daily Topics: these stories are also updated every 3 hours, built from an extensive outline of queries on topics ranging from the economy to the environment.

- Keyword Search: you can run (and bookmark!) your own custom searches any time you'd like on proper names, bills, hot topics and more.
* News Clips is also available from your Blackberry, iPhone or other web-enabled mobile device.

Please let us know if there is a news source you would like included, or any other false matches, requests or bugs you might have to report.